About Synergy

Synergy Communications is your creative and scientific resource for marketing communications supporting the life sciences, especially the animal health, pharmaceutical, and bio-science industries. But that’s not all! Synergy is also a full-service marketing agency capable of creating and managing promotional strategies for most any product or service in the most powerful and cost-effective manner possible.

Synergy Communications is a full-service, turn-key source of creative and promotional services that help effectively communicate technical and marketing information and concepts that support your marketing objectives. We create a wide diversity of projects supporting diverse product lines, composing content/text, performing design/layout, developing graphics, acquiring and editing photography, reviewing and analyzing literature/data, and handling production whether it be print, web, or e-files. In short, our full-service agency can “turn-key” your projects from concept thru production, or just handle portions of projects you have on-going with other service providers.

Perhaps the most common comment we receive from clients is that our high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective work gets accomplished with a minimum of the direction, interactions, or “training” often needed by staff at other agencies. Our goal is to generate effective, powerful marketing solutions with minimal intrusion on your valuable time. We’ll get it done, on time, with unsurpassed quality, with little “care and feeding,” and probably at much less cost thanks to our low-overhead business model. As a result, we are typically viewed by clients as an excellent adjunct to any existing agency relationships since specialized or technically based projects are handled more efficiently and economically by a single knowledgeable resource rather than the usual agency committee-type effort.

This website offers a brief overview of the various types of projects we create here at Synergy... sort of a “virtual” capability demonstration. Of course, we would relish the opportunity for a live face-to-face visit, allowing you a hands-on evaluation of our work.

Being a “Full-Service Agency” means that Synergy, in full confidence, can generate and manage services such as:

  • Writing/editing
  • Design/layout
  • Graphics concept/creation
  • PowerPoint creation, scripting
  • Web development
  • Photography/editing
  • Literature reviews, data analysis
  • Topic research/compilation
  • Assessments (learning programs)
  • Logo development
  • Production management (pricing, prepress, proofs)
  • Printing/duplication, shipping, fulfillment (print, email, CD, etc.)
  • Promotion program management (dissemination, response, fulfillment)
  • Marketing strategies (branding, consulting, planning, implementation, etc.)
  • Event/meeting coordination/assistance, audio/visual, travel, materials, etc.
  • Much more…